The Academy

The VR46 Riders Academy was founded in 2013 with the goal of supporting Italian riders in becoming top level peformers in motorsport, guiding them on their journey to the world of professional motorcycle riders.

Talent alone is not enough to succeed in motor sports: you need determination, sacrifice, commitment and…a mentor like no other: Valentino Rossi.

The Academy is a way of being and living relationships, friendship, challenges.
It is the awareness 
that talent is not enough 
without grit and hard work
Is a story of great willpower, and determination that feeds talent
It’s the un-expected, 
the un-official and tirelessly fight

Our riders are the interpreters of a project which is rooted in a land that lives and breathes motor sports, and nourishes a mentality that is also an indissoluble lifestyle based on the values of friendship, respect, loyalty and hard work.

Regardless of the individuals, who adopt their method with different approaches, the principles of the Academy remain firm and immutable.

The Academy interpreters


  • Pecco BagnaiaMotoGp
  • Franco MorbidelliMotoGp
  • Luca MariniMotoGp
  • Marco BezzecchiMotoGp
  • Celestino ViettiMoto2
  • Andrea MignoMoto3
The Motor Ranch
The "house" of the Academy