The Motor Ranch
The "house" of the Academy

The birth of a magical place.

It was an afternoon like any other at “the Cava”, with the pleasant tiredness in the arms, and the strong smell of tar in everyone’s noses, carried by the September breeze among the gray warehouses. But the afternoon snack ritual, a key appointment after riders spent several hours on a motorbike making crossings on that track half-beaten by the rollers, coincided with the turning point for the group. With his suit unbuckled and a salami sandwich in his hands, Valentino resolutely tackled “the” question: “This place is too dangerous, we have to look for a real track”. It was the start of a new journey, in a place that soon became more than a racing track: the Motor Ranch.

1 pro flat-track
2.5km of a track unique in the world
1 motocross track
For a complete training program
1 oval track
The classic american flat-track
1 remote control car track
Because fun is not an option
1 "Gradella team"
Because you can't miss the barbecue at the end of the race

70 hectares of uncontaminated nature on the Pesaro hills, which will be transformed in the ideal motocross track. The construction began immediately, with the design of a hypothetical path and a tiller to make it real on the ground. After a few days of work Vale, Sic, and Paso, who were in charge of track approval, gave their green light.

The Academy